Top 5 Fridays: Best Themed Coaster Trains

Hello once again everyone! This week, I will be talking about the 5 best themed coaster trains at the park. While the coaster collection is small, they are some of the best coasters around, and the trains also look great as well.


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#5 – Apollo’s Chariot – With its unique design, these trains are specifically made for soaring up huge hills, carrying up to 36 people at a time. It is also the first coaster train to incorporate a T-shaped lap-bar, so airtime is a great factor for the entire ride. As the train’s pulls negative G’s over every hill, each seat provides enough freedom to move making a comfortable experience.




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#4 – Griffon – Although it broke the record as the world’s tallest dive coaster, its trains also broke a record as the world’s first floorless dive coaster. The trains also have stadium style seating, which provides a great view from every row. In the front row ride, you really get the feel of dangling 205 feet with nothing above or below you. In the back, the train doesn’t hang over the edge as much, but when it lets go, it pulls you down so quick that it will take your breath away and leave your stomach behind.




#3 – Loch Ness Monster – As one of the best classic coasters in the country, the trains have to be pretty impressive as well. Loch Ness Monster’s trains have 14 rows, a long sleek design, and a great color scheme that really compliments the coaster’s supports and track. The trains are so skinny that it almost looks like the Loch Ness Monster speeding down the track!




Busch Gardens Williamsburg Pass Member Preview Day 2012 469

#2 – Alpengeist – The coaster is themed to an out of control ski lift. Escaping from the dreaded yeti on highly themed trains, Alpengeist will flip you upside down in style. The trains are covered with many skis, cool designs, and if you look closely there are g-force measuring devices in the center rows, since the ride can pull up to nearly 4 G’s. I like riding in the front because I feel the sensation of shredding down a black diamond hill, but the back is also great for a more intense ride.


And the most themed coaster train is…


#1 – Verbolten – Where can I begin with all the details? Each train is shaped like a German sports car, decked out with authentic tires, rims, headlights, rear-view mirrors, tail lights, specialized license plates, and even an on-board video system. Verbolten has 5 different colored trains: Orange, Blue, Yellow, Red, and Green. This is my favorite coaster at the park because every single thing about the ride is so detailed, from the lamps, buildings, the ride itself, and even the queue. The trains make the experience memorable by recording your reaction with the on board camera or purchasing an on-ride photo from the gift shop!


Which coaster train is the most themed to you? Leave us a comment telling us which you like the best!

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